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Check out Lodge Milestones in the Resources area for a brief history of the lodge - we are still working on it.


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What are the largest Ordeals that the lodge has done?  - B.T.

In the early 1970's the lodge did one ordeal in the Summer at East Fork (Hinckley Scout Ranch) and a makeup one in the Fall.  In 1970 there were over 1500 at the Summer ordeal and in 1971 over 1400 at the summer Ordeal. Large Brotherhood Ceremonies at this event of over 100 were also held.   In the 1980's and 1990's Ordeals of over 100 were frequently done and many chapters held their own ordeals.

In the mid 1990's Tstah Dibe (Chapter 5) set a goal of holding their own ordeal of over 100 arrowmen.  Maurice Ohumukini was the Chapter Adviser.  They had 102 at that Ordeal - all from their chapter.

Statistics of each Ordeal have not been kept but these were so noteworthy as to merit a report in the Lodge Newsletter.




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What is the Largest size that the Lodge has ever been?  - F.J.

The Lodge reach a high of 2150 Members in the mid 1980's  This was due in large part to a Lodge Vice Chief by the name of Clark King several years earlier who managed to get 42% of the units in the council to hold an election for Candidates.  This high rate has never been equally since that time.  This established a trend that started the growth of the lodge to this point.  At this time the lodge was the 3rd largest in the country.  Approximately 75% of that membership was youth.