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With the Establishment of a new Web Site we thought that it might help to have an Advice Section.  I suppose that future advisers will add to this or remake it as they choose.

Adults have a special role in the OA.  We don't have a vote, we don't plan programing.  We don't get center stage at events.  So what do we do?

1.  If we are unit leaders, we become the best unit leaders we can.  We exemplify service.  We listen to the youth we counsel and get to know what motivates them.  We go camping, wear the uniform (the full uniform), sing the songs and make the unit a special place of fellowship and learning.  We catch all of the training that we can and put it to use.  We exemplify the statement of E. Urner Goodman, that Scouting is a thing of the spirit and we build that spirit in our units.  We see that every boy has the requirements in to be elected - whether or not he will.

2.  If we are district and council Scouters, we do the same thing recognizing that our monument is the life of the boys that we encourage.  We develop programs that bring youth to us and we provide opportunity for each youth to hear about us and to join if they want.

3.  In the OA we serve as mentors.  This is a role that is difficult for many adults to perform.  We are used to leading, making decisions, calling the shots.  In the OA we encourage boys to take those roles.  We don't have a vote.  We are their resources.  We help with the mechanics but above all we give them the confidence to move forward with their own plans.  Boys vote with the feet.  If you see more of them today than yesterday, you did something right.  If not, you missed the boat.  By the time a chapter meeting starts, the chapter adviser's work is done.  If he has not prepared his chief to take care of business, then he has failed.  There are 1000+ ways of accomplishing a goal, ours is not always the best - his is for him even if it is not as efficient from our point of view.

4.  If you work with a specific officer, check out my laws for getting success.  If not, they still apply to any of the youth that you mentor.  You might also be interested in the duties of a chapter adviser.

5.  If a boy wants answers, you should give him alternatives.  Sometimes you should just listen and ask the right questions and he will figure it out himself.  His comment will be, "Thanks, but I guess I knew the answer all along."  Then you know that you succeeded in helping him grow.

Good Luck in your OA Role

Dave Halliday, Lodge Adviser

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